Monday, January 14, 2008

A Snippet

Blue’s Clues Inflatable Chair’s price decreased 6% from $14.90 to $13.99!
Blue's Clues Inflatable Chair's price decreased by 6% from $14.90 to $13.99 at ... click (more...) link for details ... Sale Price: $13.99, Vendor: (more...)

Need More Room!
Need More Room! By Marisa | January 13, 2008 Nick and I were downstairs earlier, looking through my vast selection of essential oils. Seriously, I have over 40 right now. I really want to get back into soap making and my basement would be perfect for it. In fact, I started to set it up down there about a year ago but then the kids decided it would make a great place for a weight bench and other exercise equipment. Looking around down there today, though, got me thinking again. I really

Link Dump
Erica M: twodolla reviews Restaurant Miami: "[I]t's more of an open room with clearance IKEA furniture and some amazing wall decorations. But you know? What with drinks like the ones we had, they could have let a chimpanzee fling shit on the wall, and I'd still go back." Ringing endorsement! Andy Birkey at Minesota Monitor checks back in on what the new Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and St. Paul has to say about gays and lesbians: "The answer for Catholic families with gay or les

Greetings from Arran
Well, we made it... just. It's been one of the hardest weeks of our lives and I never, ever want to go through it again. Having an 18-month old makes everything so much harder. Plus we had too much stuff. And all the lost weekends when people would invite us round during the only real packing time we had meant that, even after staying up the whole night before leaving, we still couldn't do it. Lorraine left with the kids on Tuesday morning at 6.15. It should have been 6.00 and, thanks to the To

Heavens Gate
Heavens_gate In today's febrile atmosphere it is sometime hard to get a grip on what really matters. There are matter of great importance surrounding us, demanding answers. Sometime we know what to do and at other times we are stumped. In my world, today was a day when the bails came off and I was well and the great umpire sent me back to the pavilion. I often delve into the political depths and on occasion I meet others who are more persuasive, erudite and intellectual than me. W

PMS On Candidates
MHNN (Ann Arbor, MI)- This week, Dr Pat M Santy (PMS), former NASA organic waste in space specialist therapist and author of Carnival Of The Insanities, has agreed to sit down with MHNN and discuss her views on the race for the White House. (In response to many inquiries, an organic waste in space specialist, deals with crap in space- how to deal with it, contain it, where to put it, how to to store it, and how to pretend it doesn’t exist. No one has as much experience with shit as PMS. Her y

A personalized Christmas
As Thanksgiving winds down, the search for Christmas gifts for friends and family has begun.I remember a few years ago I got my parents a personlized ornament and they still talk about it to this day. So now that our family has grown, we are going to get the grandparents a personalized ornament with the kids names. We have found a site that has a great selection and as you can see offer some great ideas. They offer shipping to the gift recepient, gift wrapped which is great for us since both o

Reader Spaces: Visit the Chan Nursery
I have a few pretty spaces to show you today, the first is of a modern nursery in Vancouver, Canada. I rarely feature kid's design but since these parents use many things that can be placed in an adult space, such as independent art and a fantastic tile rug, all can find inspiration from this colorful nursery. The space belongs to Tracy Harvey-Chan and her husband Francis Chan, Tracy proudly expressed that Francis was just as responsible for the design as she was. It's great to see both parents

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