Sunday, February 10, 2008

ACDSee Pro2 Photo Manager (90%)

Motorola Long-Term Evolution (LTE) to Accelerate Delivery of Personal Media Experiences at Mobile World Congress 2008
ARLINGTON HTS., Ill. – 07 February 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) will demonstrate the ability of Long Term Evolution (LTE) to accelerate the delivery of personal media experiences at Mobile World Congress 2008. Motorola’s LTE-enabled experiences on display at its booth (#8A159) will include: - High definition (HD) video blogging - HD video will be streamed live over LTE to an IPTV set-top box back home for family or friends to view - Follow me Video – HD video played on an IPTV set-top box

What is Implicit Presumer Marketing?
Hello, What is Implicit Presumer Marketing? We figured since we created a new visionary level of socialization and communications technologies we had to create a totally new visionary level of social marketing plan and boy did we. We bring for first time the Implicit Presumer viral expansion marketing model to the market place. No matter what you pay money for it is an explicit or implicit sale. * Explicit is when I sell you * Implicit is when you sell yourself

Nemertes Impact Analysis: February 8, 2008
Nemertes Impact Analysis Expert Insight On How Recent News Affects You Sign up to receive the Nemertes Impact Analysis or register for access to free web site content. Undersea Cables Cut: Where's Your Business-Continuity Plan? By Andreas Antonopoulos,senior VP, and Ted Ritter, research analyst Multiple undersea fiber outages in the past week highlight the importance of business-continuity planning. Service interruption on subcontinent or country-level connectivity can have dire conseq

Zero Mass Tortured Prims Security and Spies in Second Life
Zero Mass Tortured Prims Security and Spies in Second Life Posted in, 3D social networking, Video Games, Security, Second Life by wayne.porter on February 8th, 2008 I find this almost laughable that it took them this long to consider that virtual worlds held risks… let me respond to a few without revealing too much e.g. object entry and sit. U.S. intelligence officials are cautioning that popular Internet services that enable computer users to adopt cartoon-like personas in t

The Microsoft - Yahoo Merger: For Instant Messaging, It's Already Happened
Michael Robertson has something interesting to say about the Microsoft-Yahoo merger, still on hold, but likely, in the view of many observers, to eventually be consummated. Robertson is a pretty sharp guy. He founded, which was bought by Vivendi Universal for a whole boatload of money in 2001, right before the dot-com crash. He founded Linspire, a flavor of Linux with a user interface that was inspired, if that's the word, by a very familiar one. I won't say which, except that the softwa

VocalTech On A New Course
It looks like VocalTech needs a little boost as it has received NASDAQ Staff Deficiency Letter on February 5th, 2008. The Staff Deficiency Letter indicates that VocalTec had failed to meet the terms of Nasdaq, with the minimum bid price requirement for continued listing set forth in Marketplace Rule 4320(e)(2)(E)(ii). The letter says that the company has until August 4, 2008 to regain compliance. Compliance will be regained if during the period ending on August 4, 2008 the bid price of the Compa


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