Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Microsoft TouchTab
Rumors are flying around about a special multitouch/touchscreen tablet coming from Microsoft in a year or two. This may sound surprising, considering Microsoft doesn't make hardware for Windows OS, but it seems like they are. I think this is due to the fact that most PC makers just don't understand how mobile computing should work. I think this is suppose to be a joint-project between multiple hardware companies with Microsoft - all expecting a share of the profits when it sells. TouchTab is su

What is Implicit Presumer Marketing?
Hello, What is Implicit Presumer Marketing? We figured since we created a new visionary level of socialization and communications technologies we had to create a totally new visionary level of social marketing plan and boy did we. We bring for first time the Implicit Presumer viral expansion marketing model to the market place. No matter what you pay money for it is an explicit or implicit sale. * Explicit is when I sell you * Implicit is when you sell yourself

Nemertes Impact Analysis: February 8, 2008
Nemertes Impact Analysis Expert Insight On How Recent News Affects You Sign up to receive the Nemertes Impact Analysis or register for access to free web site content. Undersea Cables Cut: Where's Your Business-Continuity Plan? By Andreas Antonopoulos,senior VP, and Ted Ritter, research analyst Multiple undersea fiber outages in the past week highlight the importance of business-continuity planning. Service interruption on subcontinent or country-level connectivity can have dire conseq

ACDSee Pro2 Photo Manager (90%)
ACDSee Pro2 Photo Manager (90%) ! Posted by Mike Slocombe on 8 February 2008 | Tagged as: Platforms, Photography, Software, Reviews A long time favourite with the Digi-Lifestyle crew, ACDSee’s Windows photo manager has always impressed us with its ability to take a manly grip on large, unruly digital photo collections and slap them into nice ordered piles. Continue Reading » Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages.

Internet Connection
I was very disappointed last year because I spent too much on our Internet connection. It was my first time to subscribe in DSL so I was very excited. The problem was that my colleague has collected us too much. My intention is to have an Internet at home because renting outside by hours had cost me too much and aside from that I lost my privacy from others users who are vary noisy. I always use Internet for my research in health topic and investment, finance and business. I used to have dial

LA VoIP Users to Help Pay For More Police
Chalk this one up to another reason why more people should pay attention to what they agree to (and what their local politicians are telling them to do). According to DSL Reports, the city of LA has approved a new tax cut, that is really a tax hike. In response to a need to maintain their current police forces, the city has taken a telephone user tax and reduced it from 10% to 9%, however it has broadened the scope of the tax to include Internet phone services. Doh! You have to hand it to the

  mig33 is an operator-agnostic global community that makes the most popular Internet applications accessible on any mobile phone. That means consumers can take advantage of low-cost VoIP calls, SMS and IM communications tools, and participate in mobile chat rooms, profiles, and photo sharing, all directly from their mobile phone. mig33 is already connecting millions of people to the global mobile Internet community on their phones, and will enable the first Internet experience for millions

British Telecom Drops Fusion Fixed-Mobile Convergence System; Is FMC DOA?
British Telecom Drops Fusion Fixed-Mobile Convergence System; Is FMC DOA? from the next-time-don't-be-so-optimistic dept British Telecom has pulled the plug on its Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) offering, Fusion. In 2005, the concept of Fixed Mobile Convergence was red hot. FMC involved using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radio in a cell phone to transfer calls back and forth between the cellular network, and a broadband-based network in the home of office. Ostensibly, this would be appealing to subscri

mig33 hits 10m users and launches Blackberry application
mig33 just keeps on getting bigger. They’ve hit the massively impressive 10 million user mark worldwide. Now they’re gunning for America with news today that they’ve launched a Blackberry version of their application. It’s been a little while since I last tried out mig33 — and it’s done quite a lot of evolving. It now offers voip, picture sharing, email along with text and instant messaging services. Get this: mig33 is generating 2 million user sessions per day. PER DAY. 45 million messag


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